AP91 Innovation based on Proven Research

The latest Agrowplow AP91 Deep Ripper can significantly cut farm costs based on current research. The newest model was developed with soil care and innovation in mind to help farmers save tractor fuel and time spent working the machine in the paddock. 

The team at Agrowplow began research and trails last year with our own built test rig using it in rocky country at our headquarters in Molong, NSW. We combined our findings on a new shank assembly design, shallow leading tynes and wide wing points with studies on these tynes by the team at the West Australian Department of Agriculture and Food. 

"the new stronger AP91 models make ripping simpler and smarter for the farmer" Shannon McNab. 

The machine features a single row of shallow leading tynes working in-line and ahead at depths of up to 450mm. This then reduces the draft force required by the following deep tynes, set to penetrate up to 600mm, The research shows this complementary in-line tyne system reduces the tractor power needed to tow by reducing the draft force by up to 18%. 

The first AP91 has gone to a West Australian grain farm, where it has been trailled against Agrowplow's previous machine. The farm manager was impressed with the newest features and the performance of the new unit.